Sunday, May 31, 2009

City comes alive

We're in the midst of the rainy season, so pretty much, without fail, it rains every day in the early afternoon. The rain is heavy and blankets most of the city, but it doesn't last too long and keeps the heat from reaching extreme temperatures, so I try not to complain too much. After the rain finishes, however, it has a tendency to linger in the air for the rest of the afternoon, and even well into the night -- an uncomfortable stickiness that keeps people indoors and leaves one questioning, "Just how effective is my deodorant?"

Today, although it appeared at times that it would, it didn't rain -- a welcome change no doubt. The seemingly everpresent sticky and uncomfortable air was nowhere to be seen. The weather was the perfect blend of temperature, breeze, sunlight, and atmosphere -- the kind of weather that reminds you just how awesome life really is and how lucky we are to experience it. Many times we're consumed by the small unpleasantries in our life. The weather is too hot, the car needs new tires and I have no money, nothing good is on TV...We allow this minutia to dominate our thinking to the point where nothing in our day seems enjoyable.

If anyone had those thoughts this afternoon, they were immediately erased in favor of pure appreciation. The streets, often overcrowded with motobikes and people perpetually on the move, were instead filled with shirtless, barefoot boys involved in a passionate soccer match, cute babies with huge cheeks being pushed around by their mothers on tiny plastic bicycles, teenage schoolgirls walking hand-in-hand sharing gossip and giggling, and adult men slowly sipping coffee and talking about their families. I assure you the economic crisis and money and pettiness was the furthest thing from anybody's mind. It was quite the sight to behold.

Today reminded me of my golf-playing days in Florida, when it was often miserably hot and full of mosquitos just waiting to feast on your flesh. Occasionally, however a cool breeze would successfully fight off the Florida heat and keep the mosquitos at bay. That, combined with a beautiful sunset peaking through the trees, left me with some of my finer memories of Florida. There I was, golf club in hand, beautiful weather all around me, my friend D-man walking by my side, contemplating nothing more than my next golf shot. What more could you ask for?

Had a similar feeling tonight. Of course, these realizations and appreciations would be impossible without the bad weather. So next time you find yourself in horribly unbearable weather, whether it be freezing, scorching, pouring, or hailing, be thankful, because it makes the good days that much better.

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