Monday, June 14, 2010

Stereotyping Vietnamese views/habits through example

On Love:

Girl sleeps with boy.
Girl doesn't love boy.
Girl, feeling a social and moral obligation, chooses to "love" boy and get married.

On Driving:

A man pulls forward of a pack of motorbikes waiting at a red light, hoping to gain a head start when the light soon turns green. He, however, cannot see the traffic light and is oblivious as to when it will turn green. The pack behind him subsequently passes him when the light changes.

On Sports:

Playing basketball makes you taller. To support this claim, many astutely ask, "Well, then, why are basketball players so tall?"

On Geography:

Argentina is next to Mexico.

On the Paranormal:

Ghosts are very much real. God, however, is not.

On Politics:

Teacher: Who is the president of America?
Students: Obama!
Teacher: Who is the president of Vietnam?
Students: ...

On History:

Abraham Lincoln is America's second president.

On Beauty:

Dark = poor, ugly.
White = rich, elegant.

On Maintaining Beauty:

Girls not wanting to tan their skin from the harsh Vietnamese sun opt not to wear sunscreen, but instead cover every inch of exposed skin with winter clothes.

On Manners:

Touching any part of your mouth with your finger is dirty and impolite. Picking your nose is not.